There's an only semi-humorous software license called the CRAPL. It's designed for academics, and is based on the principle that: In academic software (my own included), software engineering principles vaporize as deadlines loom, and code becomes overrun with debugging hooks, perl golf, hard-coded configuration variables, dirty hacks, commentless tracts, a…

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R, regular expressions, ore, Oniguruma

Regular expressions with ore

Jon Clayden has released version 1.0 of ore, a regular expression library for R based on the Oniguruma regular expression library. Regular expressions in R are based on the PCRE library, which is fairly standard; the implementation, though, suffers from...let's call them "limitations", because it's the polite phrasing…

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Comics I've recently read that I'd recommend: Volumes 1 and 2 of Lazarus - A post-disaster society featuring a weird mix of feudalism and high technology. The entirety of Global Frequency, which is great because it's Warren Ellis of course it's bloody great. Global network of specialists in the weird…

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R, Hive, Hadoop, RDF, MapReduce, Object-Oriented Programming


    Kaushik Sathupadi has written Map Reduce: A really simple introduction, which does what it says on the tin. It's a really easily understandable explanation! Been reading a lot around equality, diversity and, well, not being a dick about either given that I'm inherently part of the oppressive system. Recommended: this…

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    The origin of <-

    R is noted for using <- for assignment instead of = - decidedly nonstandard. = itself is accepted - it's just not the traditional/proper way of doing things. While browsing the internet I discovered a Revolution Analytics post that sets out the practical origins of <-: This is a…

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    R, startups, San Francisco, Colorbrewer, Gratitude, R6


    ...this has been a really weird week. But, tab-clearing: Nate Matias has an awesome piece of research on gratitude up on his MIT blog. My only regret is that I wanted to study the Thanks feature. Luckily it looks like his work doesn't entirely overlap with mine, so I still…

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    mindspillage, testimonials

    "Was a law student, but he got better"

    [Oliver] is a fetus and yet makes cultural references to things that are too old for me to remember. Also references to British things that he may be making up. Can make really horrible jokes about a wide variety of subjects, some of which I do not know enough code…

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    R, C++, Rcpp

    Adding Rcpp to an existing R package documented with roxygen2

    Rcpp is an awesome R library that provides a C++ API and associated syntactic sugar, allowing you to outsource your speed-dependent functions to a compiled language without relying on R's legendarily crude and overloaded C API. It's used by plyr and its successor, dplyr, as well as (literally) hundreds of…

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