The origin of <-

R is noted for using <- for assignment instead of = - decidedly nonstandard. = itself is accepted - it's just not the traditional/proper way of doing things. While browsing the internet I discovered a Revolution Analytics post that sets out the practical origins of <-: This is a…

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...this has been a really weird week. But, tab-clearing: Nate Matias has an awesome piece of research on gratitude up on his MIT blog. My only regret is that I wanted to study the Thanks feature. Luckily it looks like his work doesn't entirely overlap with mine, so I still…

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"Was a law student, but he got better"

[Oliver] is a fetus and yet makes cultural references to things that are too old for me to remember. Also references to British things that he may be making up. Can make really horrible jokes about a wide variety of subjects, some of which I do not know enough code…

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R, C++, Rcpp

Adding Rcpp to an existing R package documented with roxygen2

Rcpp is an awesome R library that provides a C++ API and associated syntactic sugar, allowing you to outsource your speed-dependent functions to a compiled language without relying on R's legendarily crude and overloaded C API. It's used by plyr and its successor, dplyr, as well as (literally) hundreds of…

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After I sort of...segfaulted my entire previous existence, I wanted to work out who I am when I'm not around anyone else. I think I've discovered the answer: it's "lonely". Despite having a pretty big circle of friends in Boston, and spending quite a bit of time with them…

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Decent text processing in R

...possibly. I still need to check out stringi. But if it does what it claims to do, stringr may be superseded in my heart; rather than a set of wrappers for consistency, stringi is a set of entirely new implementations, largely C++-based for speed.…

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Installing RCurl on Xubuntu

Noting for myself, for future installs; libcurl-dev is a dependency for RCurl. It's also a virtual package. You can get it with: sudo apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev ..and done.…

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Dear recruiters

I tend to get quite a few emails from recruiters asking me if I'd be interested in this awesome job they've got open it's such a perfect fit. That's not actually a problem; it's always nice to be valued. The bit where it gets...frustrating, though, is that most of…

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